The world of furniture – and high-end furniture in particular – is undergoing deep evolutionary movements that are leading operators to rethink their way of being in the market.

Where the physical availability of goods is no longer a scarce or limiting factor, it ls service – indeed, services – that are becoming the key element, a real competitive advantage for those able to grasp the spirit of innovation of the times and transform opportunities into concrete business possibilities.

In this perspective, the role of product and interior designers becomes more essential than ever. An intermediary is required between the end consumer and the brands, who can match the requirements of purchasers with the vast and complex offers of furniture products available today.

For this reason, alongside the network of dealers and not in competition with them, there is room to develop organised interior design businesses able to add value and bring to completion the exclusive furnishing and decoration projects desired by the high end of the market.


ADA is a network with a global reach of design studios, architects and interior designers, who wish to implement and develop their services, focusing their attention on top-level, high quality products from Italian brands known internationally.

It is aimed essentially at operators who, in out-of-the-way locations or it smaller towns far from the main hubs, individually might find it difficult to approach the big brands and to manage on their own a pre -and post- sales services.

But with the support of an expert organisation of Italian professionals, they will be able to realise their most ambitious projects.

So the vision of the ADA team s to create a franchise that will constitute a community of designers, who are thus given the opportunity to access the best ltalian products, taking advantage of the services offered and enabling their final customers to enter the world of the most exclusive and refined brands.
In the context of this ambitious programme of growth lies the collaboration between ADA and interior collections of fashion brands.

We have created ADA, covering the entire portfolio of brands managed by our Group and separate -in its marketing and style direction- from ADA Exclusive Brands, which includes different proposals.


Ada Architecture-Design-Atelier operates by carefully selecting partners with whom a franchising contract will be stipulated containing  opportunities, rights and obligations, mindful of avoiding rights of damage to the Group’s image.

ADA provides these associates with a platform of services, which can include a types of assistance and support, on site and in Italy with the manufacturers, delivery logistics
including financial and customs operations, post delivery service and of course a staff of architects, visual designers and interior designers who can, as required, provide assistance to the client and offer customised projects.

The initial phase of collaboration, while effective and detailed, will be limited and subject to prudent implementation.
In practice, on line catalogues will be made available, without price lists and subject to signature of a mandatory agreement forbidding advertisement of the brands in any way whatsoever.

In the next phase, the whole platform would be completed with the organisation of an atelier, necessarily small in size, where some products from the collections requested could be displayed, following express authorisation, in delimited, separate spaces and not destined for direct sale in order to offer an overall expression of the mood of the brands involved.


ADA has been founded by a large, independent group of qualified sales experts from the top of-the-range furniture sector, who will work closely and in full coordination with staff.

To achieve its aims. channels of research, activation and assistance wi be activated locally; financial transactions, fiscal, customs and logistical issues generated by the markets will be facilitated, in an organic system that can be adapted to Individual local conditions.

The first geographical areas to be addressed are the former Soviet republics and a part of the Middle East to North Africa.

Developments will then be evaluated. Moving towards the formation of a network of small design businesses that embraces the world, bringing our collections wherever they are wanted.